A sea bass that grows free to challenge the strong and wild currents of the Atlantic Ocean to promote the achievement of ideal muscle and an optimal level of fat; a sea bass that eats as it would eat in nature because it is fed only with feed consisting of three types of fish; a sea bass with an exceptional size that can reach up to 4 kg in weight: this is what makes Aquanaria sea basses different from all other portion fishes. Perfect meat texture and flavor allow you to obtain cuts of the highest quality, up to 4 cm high.


27 ° 46 ’30’ ‘N 15 ° 28’ 18 ” W, 2 Km south of Castillo del Romeral, Gran Canaria Island. This is where Cardenal finds Aquanaria Sea Bass breeding tanks: in the clean and deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, beaten by strong currents.

Aquanaria Sea Bass: the long journey of a gourmet product

Tell me where you come from and I’ll tell you who you are. This is an old Italian saying that is lost over the centuries but today it takes on a new relevance, especially if we refer it to what we eat.

Yes, because in establishing the quality of what we bring to our tables, the origin of a product is the first element that we must take into consideration. And it makes no difference whether it is an internal or external environment, whether it is a lush hill or a pristine lake, or as in our case, the cold, clear and moving waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Our story today begins here: 27 ° 46 ’30’ ‘N 15 ° 28’ 18 ” W, two miles from Gran Canaria.

It is the story of a sea bass that grows free to challenge the strong and wild currents of the ocean. It is the story of Aquanaria sea bass.

But as with all stories, the important thing is to start from the beginning. And at the beginning the sea bass is a fry.

Aquanaria Sea Bass, from fry to excellence of taste

The eggs of Aquanaria fry hatch in breeding tanks in Gran Canaria, where they remain only as long as they are large and strong enough to be brought into the sea. Before this trip, however, they are vaccinated one by one by the hands of veterinarians.

This, together with the fact that they will grow in an ecosystem free of terrestrial pollutants, allows Aquanaria not to give them any antibiotics.

But the benefits of growing in the Atlantic don’t end here. Unlike the Mediterranean where the wave motion is scarce and there are large temperature ranges, the coasts of Canary Islands offer the best breeding conditions, with strong currents and an ideal and constant temperature all year round.

When temperature drops too low, fishes do not eat. In this context, on the contrary, they continue to feed without seasonal interruption and Aquanaria is thus able to achieve four-year growth in only 36 months. But there is more. It also obtains exceptional sizes that can reach up to 4 kg. A unique result that distinguishes their sea bass from all other portion fish.

Care and natural feeding: the secret for an uncompromising quality

The enormous depth nets, inside which fish can move freely, favor the achievement of an ideal muscle and an optimal level of fat: if sea bass swims all day its flesh is much firmer. Not only that, but it is happier, as assured Pedro Sánchez, business development director of Aquanaria.

Nutrition is also a fundamental factor: Aquanaria sea basses are fed only with feed consisting of three types of fish, without any residual terrestrial animal (only vegetable) and without any addition of keratin.

They eat as they would eat in nature.

Food is administered in free-fall: when it reaches the end of the net it is lost in the depth. Fishes have no way of digging on the seabed, as it happens in tank farms, where there is a real risk that meats take on that bad mud aftertaste.
Once desired size is reached, the fishing process takes place only at the customer’s request and is carried out using only a “thermal shock”: sea basses are placed in ice water where their metabolism slowly stops. There is no fear, therefore there is no production of lactic acid.

The meat remains perfect, in flavor and texture, and allows you to obtain cuts of the highest quality, up to 4 cm high.

This type of breeding ensures always the same quality as the fish caught, to which, however, it adds a safety certification and respect for environment. In nature, fishes are free to eat what they find, including pollutants such as plastics and hydrocarbons. Aquanaria instead guarantees to be able to taste a fish bred with total traceability and quality.

For Longino & Cardenal, Aquanaria reserves only the largest and most valuable pieces, the only ones suitable for gourmet haute cuisine. Fish is caught on Monday. Thursday is in chef’s kitchen. Is it not a quality guarantee?


Superior quality, excellence of flavor, compact and uniform consistency. Longino discovers the gourmet secret of Aquanaria Sea Bass. A fish raised in the Atlantic Ocean currents, without antibiotics, always fresh and ready for cooking!

Aquanaria Sea Bass: a full cycle excellence.

Excellence, the real one – especially when it comes to high-end food – can only be guaranteed if the entire production process is subject to strict quality standards.

Few companies are able to ensure such supervision, Aquanaria is one of them.

Aquanaria is a full cycle company: from eggs, to their development in fry, until they become sea basses ready to face the strong Atlantic currents.

And this cycle lasts all year, without seasonality, ensuring a constant supply and total traceability. The open ocean, with its depths and cold, clean and wavy waters, is the ideal gym for the growth of the fishes that develop up to 2 kg but can also reach larger pieces.

Continuous motion to which they are subjected, the natural diet free of terrestrial pollutants, the absolute absence of antibiotics, the catch only on commission and only through thermal shock are all factors that contribute to obtain a compact meat with an exceptional flavor, with firm and high fillets up to 3, 4 cm: a plus for chefs and fans of haute cuisine. A perfect productthe best, to be interpreted and enjoyed at all times.

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